About Us

Cielo Global Health Media is a nonprofit video production company based in the United States. We create news segments and feature documentaries from the worlds of science and public health to entertain, inform and educate viewers globally.

Our professional production crews have long careers and solid experience in broadcast news and documentary features, covering stories virtually everywhere on all continents.

Our mission is to explore and document exciting frontline stories in developing nations where dedicated scientists and public health workers use technology and innovative ideas to fight malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, polio, enteric and diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, and neglected tropical diseases such as river blindness, trachoma and Guinea worm disease; we also cover new approaches to improving maternal, newborn, and child health, and to addressing chronic hunger. 

Dramatic new advances in the treatment and control of diseases, and in sensible development strategies, are promising healthier and happier lives for millions of people. As these epic stories unfold, Cielo Global Health Media will be there to capture the tales of the heroes and the victims, the battles won and lost, and the final outcomes in the pursuit of global health. In the annals of science and medicine, and of humankind, this is history in the making. We will bear witness to these events in our extraordinary news and documentary features.

Our work is made possible by generous support from John Moores, Sr.