Global Health Frontiers

In 2016 the first season of this original series aired on 274 channels in 44 states, covering over 80% of the — four episodes with 12 powerful stories taking viewers to distant lands and the critical frontlines of global health.

Now in production, the second season continues with fast-paced, informative and entertaining storytelling that makes epic challenges come alive, engaging a wide audience into global health and strengthening public awareness and support for health equity worldwide.

Stories in the coming season will cover—

  • New advances in resources, science and skills bringing modern medicine to millions suffering from preventable and treatable diseases and conditions of poverty;
  • Local communities making real progress in health equity by carrying the weight, making decisions, and charting their own futures with minimal outside support;
  • Young scientists migrating to exciting global health careers, seeking to end basic inequalities that drive poverty and suffering;
  • How health conditions anywhere affect health outcomes everywhere on our shrinking planet.