Our Partners

During decades of tragic neglect, millions of people in poor developing nations have suffered and died from diseases that are preventable and treatable. Many diseases found only in the tropics have been largely ignored by modern medicine. Causing high infant mortality and lifelong misery, the crushing burden of disease has crippled poor economies and shattered hope for a brighter future.

Now there are bold new initiatives to marshal the financial resources, science and skills needed to fight the deadly and debilitating diseases of developing nations.

For the first time, there is a wide coordinated offensive against the major killers — malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS — and an array of vigorous campaigns against aggressive parasitic diseases that attack internal organs, cause blindness, and disable or disfigure hundreds of thousands of victims each year in poor rural areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

There are many key players joining this challenge — governments and international agencies, foundations, private corporations and lone individuals. All of them share a commitment to providing lifesaving medical advances and practical healthcare solutions to the people who need them most. Actively engaged in research labs, hospitals, field clinics or remote village outposts, each initiative adds its own contribution to this unprecedented global offensive, and has its own exciting story to tell.

As a dedicated non-profit participant in this historic effort, Cielo Global Health Media develops media partnerships with key players, recording essential elements of their missions and producing and distributing broadcast-quality features and documentaries that tell their stories.

Cielo Global Health Media is committed to providing its partners with innovative and compelling media elements — essential tools for fund-raising, archival records, and building awareness and support globally and in the communities where they work.